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**We no longer operate on Tinos**

In the Dive Center we think differently about teaching diving. Our philosophy is that each participant should exploit experiences to their full potential, become an ambassador to the underwater world and share the excitement and adventure diving offers. We operate with safety and quality as the top priorities. We offer private lessons with student to instructor ratios kept small (usually 3:1).

Choose well your dive operators and instructors, as you would do for your health. You want the best, not the cheapest. Here we put a value on what we do and do not cut or skimp the details. Caring for the students’ benefit and comfort and enjoyment. You will learn the quintessence of diving, thats our specialty.

A full range of PADI courses are in our capabilities. Beginner, advanced, specialty and professional. What is right for you?

Professional Development

The recreational diving industry has changed and will evolve more. It is very competitive, you need education and training that will prepare you to be a productive member of a dive team and instructional staff. The professional programs we offer do just that, we focus on knowledge, experience and quality to help you develop the skills, traits and characteristics sought by professional dive operators. Our courses include Human Factors training, risk analysis/management and biographical development.

Diving done the right way includes developing and training instructor candidates and dive professionals to prepare them for opportunities in the recreational scuba diving profession. See the tables below for pricing and packages of professional training. Contact our Course Director Ray for more information.

The last IDC of 2021 will start on 27 November.

PADI Instructor Development Course Pricing

PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC)

1 Person 2 persons 3 or more persons
IDC, EFR Instructor €1199





IDC Crewpack €699/ea
EFR I Crewpack €249/ea
PADI IDC Application** €185/person
PADI Instructor Examination Fee** €640/person
EFR Instructor Application** €115/person
PADI Dive Theory e-learning (optional) €180/ea

*PADI IDC Crewpack includes all eLearning Digital presentations plus the required, hard-copy slates in a PADI Pro backpack. Must be multiple people within the same reservation. The Dive Center does not form the group.

PADI Specialty Instructor

1 Person

2 persons

3 or more persons

PADI Specialty Instructor







PADI Specialty Instructor



PADI Specialty Instructor





MSDT PREP (5X Specialty Instructor)

1 Person

2 persons

3 or more persons

PADI MSDT (5X Specialty Instructor)







PADI Specialty Instructor

Digital manual


PADI Specialty Instructor





1 Person

PADI IDC STAFF Instructor Course



PADI IDC STAFF Crewpack €399/person




**PADI Fees must be verified at application

*PADI IDC Crewpack includes all eLearning Digital presentations plus the required, hard-copy slates in a PADI Pro backpack. Must be multiple people within the same reservation. The Dive Center does not form the group.


Have you never been underwater, but you wonder about it?



You are not ready yet?

Not a problem you can join us at the surface and gossip about the underwater world from the surface.


First approach

Get your first experience with Discover Scuba Diving.

You will experience being underwater, the feeling of weightlessness and freedom!


PADI Open Water Diver

Get your first certification!

After this you will be able to dive around the world.

Start Learning Now!

PADI Open Water Diver


Open Water and Advanced package


PADI Advanced Open Water

Divers never stop learning. Improve your underwater skills.

Experience underwater navigation, go deeper and tryat least three of our specialty dives to learn more.

Go Deeper now!

Advance Open Water Diver

Open water done, now time to explore!

Rescue Diver

How to react!

No doubt the must fun diving course you can join. You will learn how to help others and yourself. A very rewarding course.

Start Now!

Rescue Diver, EFR and O2 Provider


PADI Enriched Air NITROX (EANx)

A very useful specialty. More time at depth, so you must learn the details.

Enrich your dive!

Would you like Nitrox with that course

Add EANx to any course

We're protecting the ocean.

One single person can make a difference and that person is you. A community that cares deeply about healing the planet above and below the surface, PADI Torchbearers inspire others to bring about meaningful change by turning passion into purpose for the ocean.



Emergency First Response

Time to learn how to help those you care about and close to you. Learn first-aid skills and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).Learn to save a life!


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