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Diving Done The Right Way

I am Ray Arce. A diver with more than 30 years of recreational, commercial and professional diving experience. I am also the principal of The Dive Center and a PADI Course Director. I think differently about teaching diving. That moment of taking a breath underwater is life changing. More than freedom and the sense of wonder, the challenge of diving brings unparalleled accomplishment to those who master the skills and techniques that will make the time underwater a serene and effortless experience. The challenge requires practice, dedication and passion.

My philosophy that every diver should exploit experiences to their full potential, become an ambassador to the underwater world and share the excitement and adventure diving offers. You have many choices but not all training is equal. Choose well your dive operators and instructors, as you would for your health. You want the best, not the average or the cheapest. My team and I operate with safety and quality as top priorities. We teach divers of all levels starting from Open Water training through to professional training. We offer private lessons with student to instructor ratios kept small usually 2:1, occasionally 3:1 but that is the limit (professional courses excluded) letting the training be flexible but focused. We do not rush you through your course. We focus on your foundations and the platform upon which you will develop as a diver.


A full range of PADI courses are in our capabilities. Beginner, advanced, specialty and professional. I conduct training by appointment in Greece (Attiki). I am also happy to travel to other areas of Greece, or to your location, provided you cover the cost of the journey and accommodation.

What we include

Quality throughout all training programs is given by highly qualified members of my team. There are not fixed dates for courses (except IDCs), we start courses on a daily/weekly basis, please contact us for further information. To enroll in a diving course a medical release is required (contact us for other languages). Most courses (excluding technical and professional) include DAN insurance. For dives and excluded courses we advise you to acquire a DAN or any other diving insurance cover for your activity.

We do not include certification fees or training materials in our charges. Here is why:

  1. The certification fees you pay are not buying you a certification, you earn certification 
  2. The course materials are published and certification fees are set by the training agency. 
  3. Certification is not guaranteed, specific performance requirements set by standards (ISO, EN and the training agency) must be met. We provide you with the superior training to meet, and usually exceed these academic and physical requirements.

This means that if after completing the requisite number of dives in the course, you are not yet able to meet a standard performance requirement, you will be not be certified. This is not common but it can happen. We will work with you more to help get your skills and/or knowledge to the required level and if this means extra dives or academic sessions, so be it. Please note that extra days will be charged at the same daily rate.

Theoretical materials and certification processing fees are acquired by you directly through PADIProfessional courses excluded, training runs on a fixed rate €149 per person per day.This charge includes instruction, necessary SCUBA equipment and VAT (%24). **50% non-refundable deposit with enrollment, and full payment prior to the start of course activities*

First, you learn the theory of the course. This is on you to accomplish. Most of the theory lessons are independent study online. Moving to practical training you learn how to configure your equipment, to be comfortable, streamlined and familiar. Next, you develop your comfort and control in the water; buoyancy control, stability and trim. Then you move onto mastery of dive skills. Each a step in a diver’s logical evolution. You will learn the quintessence of diving, that is our specialty.

Professional Development

The PADI Instructor Development Course is the course where you learn how to teach SCUBA diving with PADI. Since this is a standard SCUBA diving course, the instructor materials and course flow is more or less the same everywhere around the world. However the recreational diving industry has changed since 2020 and will evolve more.

It is very competitive, you need education and training that will prepare you to be a productive member of a dive team and instructional staff not cut-and-paste material that prevents you from thinking and developing your talents. You need a foundation that helps you be noticed. The professional instructor programs we offer do that, we focus on knowledge, experience and quality to help you develop the skills, traits and characteristics sought by professional dive operators. Our courses include Human Factors training, risk analysis/management and biographical development. Additionally we help you seek the opportunities available and can advise you on your career path. Contact our Course Director Ray for more information.

The last IDC of 2021 will start on 27 November (Pikermi/Halkida)

PADI Instructor Development

The first IDC of 2022 is tentatively scheduled to start 26 March 2022…ON MYKONOS.


Never been underwater, but you wonder about it?


First approach

Get your first experience with Discover Scuba Diving.

You will experience being underwater, the feeling of weightlessness and freedom!


PADI Open Water Diver

Get your first certification!

After this you will be able to dive around the world.

Start Learning Now!

PADI Open Water Diver

4 days

PADI Advanced Open Water

Divers never stop learning. Improve your underwater skills.

Experience underwater navigation, go deeper and tryat least three of our specialty dives to learn more.

Go Deeper now!

Advance Open Water Diver

Open water done, now time to explore!
3 Days

Rescue Diver

How to react!

No doubt the must fun diving course you can join. You will learn how to help others and yourself. A very rewarding course.

Start Now!

Rescue Diver, EFR and O2 Provider

4 days

PADI Enriched Air NITROX (EANx)

A very useful specialty. More time at depth, so you must learn the details.

Enrich your dive!

Enriched Air (Nitrox)

1 day

We're protecting the ocean.

One single person can make a difference and that person is you. A community that cares deeply about healing the planet above and below the surface, PADI Torchbearers inspire others to bring about meaningful change by turning passion into purpose for the ocean.



Emergency First Response

Time to learn how to help those you care about and close to you. Learn first-aid skills and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).Learn to save a life!



Contact for details

Dive Planning

Here we will discuss how to use the PADI RDP

Online, registration required

Contact us for availability

Dive Skills (pool)


Get in the water! Work on your skills, learn new things, try new things.

Price includes tanks, air and weight

Dive Skills

Open Water

Get in the water! Work on your skills, learn new things, try new things.

Price includes tanks, air and weight

Equipment Workshop


A review of different dive equipment

If the PADI Specialty is desired the cost is 50

Human Factors in Diving

An introduction to the Human in system
Free In person

Have you considered how your personal actions and inactions, awareness, decisions and relationships (i.e. human factors) could impact your ability to dive safely? Or impact the safety of others?

While it is important to learn how to dive technically in a safe manner, in the world of diving the influence of ‘human factors’ is far too often underestimated. This can lead to tragedy.


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