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Ray Arce

PADI Course Director. Owner of the Dive Center

I am a PADI Course Director and owner of The Dive Center.

Some Facts About Me:

  • Technical education
  • 30+ years of experience
  • 33 Certification areas
  • Creative and easy-going
  • Responsible
  • Exceptional Quality


Why Work With Me

Diving is a passion but also an occupation. Quality techniques are honed and require maturity. 

Small Class Ratios

We keep the classes small to focus on quality (usually three students/instructor).

Comprehensive Instruction

Including video feedback, lets the student diver see progress as well as experience the benefits of exceptional training.


Our flexibility means classes can be tailored to your needs


Having more than 30 years of education and instruction experience our knowledge and passion for diving are passed in the most effective and enjoyable way.


Check Out My Works

Yes, learn to dive from your convenient spot (home, work, plane, train…). PADI’s e-learning platform lets you start and complete the theoretical modules of your diving education making more time for in-water activities when you arrive!


The stuff we are really good at…

Initial SCUBA Experiences and Courses

- Discover SCUBA Diving, SCUBA Diver,
Open Water Diver-


Not ready for a course? These let you give a try and have lots of fun!.

Continuing Education

- Advanced, Rescue -


You are a good diver and want more. Learn and explore more! Advanced Rescue and Specialty course open a world of possibilities


- Divemaster, Instructor -


Make your passion a profession!


- Dive Center and professional support -


Want to grow your Dive Center, need Career advice? Have professional instruction needs? Call me. I can help.

Diving Done the Right Way

That was a comment about us by one of our students/divers during his experiences with us, it is what we do and the way we do it. We think differently about teaching diving. It is The Dive Center philosophy is that each participant should exploit experiences to their full potential, become an ambassador to the underwater world and share the excitement and adventure diving offers. We give our all to make it that way. We operate with safety and quality as the top priorities. 

Choose well your dive operators and instructors, as you would do for your health. You want the best, not the cheapest. Compared to other adventure sports, SCUBA diving is relatively inexpensive but with no ideas cheap or free. We put a value on what we do and do not cut or skimp the details. Our course standards always meet (usually exceed) PADI standards for the students’ benefit and comfort.

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0030 697 217 2550

+30 697 2172550

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What Clients Say About Me


6 Short Steps Towards Your Certification!
  • 1. See which course is right for you

    From introductory experiences to advanced professional education.

  • 2. Make sure the course is right for you

    Make sure all prerequisites are met

  • 3. Theoretical modules

    Some of the theory is done on-site, some via PADI’s e-learning platform. We review your knowledge making sure you are ready!

  • 4. Confined Water

    Learning and practicing in a calm, safe environment!

  • 5. Open Water

    Here you demonstrate your learned skills in actual diving environments!.

  • 6. Congratulation to your new certification! Happy Bubbles

    The celebration of earning a diver rating!


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Nice & Quick

Design variants – 2

Number of pages – up to 5

Slideshow – no

Content management – no


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Design variants – 3-4

Number of pages – up to 20

Slideshow – yes

Content management – yes


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Big & Bold

Design variants – 5-7

Number of pages – up to 50

Slideshow – yes

Content management – yes


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